We’re all more alike than you think

The goal for us here at Nearmee is to bring people together.

At the heart of it all .. we’re all just humans trying to make it through each day .. ¬†on this crazy floating rock in outer space.

We all want food, a place to sleep, companionship, and a feeling of self worth and happiness. We’re actually all more alike than you would think (or than others tell you).

We hope that by using our app you’re able to find people that like the same things you do. At work, at school, at the bus stop, and everywhere in between.

Turning strangers into potential friends.

Maybe it’s the neighbor you never talk to when taking out the trash, the person next to you at the bus stop, your co-workers, the people you buy your groceries from. There are more connections out there then we think. Sometimes we all just need a good ice-breaker to get the conversations going.

We hope we can help with that!

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