App update coming soon!

All future updates will be developed by adorable cats .. ok they won’t, but wouldn’t that be amazing?!


I know I know. I was told not to tell y’all that an update to the app is coming soon.

All my friends said .. “Carlos .. then they’ll just wait and download the app later, once it’s updated”.

Well .. I can’t help it.

I’m excited.

NearMee will be that much closer to the weird vision I had in my head .. with Update 1.1 (our next update). What will be in it? And when is it coming?

All I can say is .. a pretty big feature is up next (that i’m sure i’ll see requested quite a bit) and .. it’s coming soon.

I mainly just wanted to let you know we¬†have some really neat plans. This isn’t a one and done app. It’s a labor of love and we have a long way to go, but we realllllly appreciate all of you who have already downloaded the app and are trying it out with friends and telling others!

You are amazing and we thank you for freeing up some space on your phone for our app.

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