About Us

Our Approach

To post pictures of cats pretending to do the work we do.

Also … to make an app that helps bring people together. Hopefully helping to create moreĀ friends and less enemies.

We are continually thinking about ways to make the appĀ more helpful, increase it’s potential, and all around make it better.


Our Story

Carlos is a video producer, host, game designer, and inventor of stuff.

Edward does app stuff real well.

note: this site will most definitely be updated with more better words soon.

Meet the Team

Working to make a difference


Carlos Rodela

Founder & CEO

Host, video producer, editor, game developer, inventor, tech person. Creator of a wide variety of online shows, indie games, podcasts, and websites.

Eddie Suczewski


Awesome at being awesome at development stuff. Developer of apps and totally loves Sumo wrestling.